The Underage Girl and The Gay Guy

April 22, 2010

To continue the story from the previous post…

When I was 17, I was in college and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a single boy that I liked. So I decided to be really into my Spanish professor (who was rumored to be gay). I talked about him so much, my best friend started calling him “The Spanish God”. Unfortunately, I think most of my curiosity centered on his orientation. I didn’t know any other gay people, and, well, I guess I needed a sort of a role model?

My Spanish Prof could probably teach psychology, instead. Once, he told me I was actually shy, and each time I spoke up, it was a little heroic act. Could we count these blog posts as “speaking up”? I’d like to get some cred for them, thanks.

Another conversation we once had…

Me: HotSpanishProf, can we NOT have a test next Wednesday?
HSP: Nah, we’ll have it.
Me: But I have 5 exams that day…
HSP: 5 tests? Ok. If you come to class freaking out, we’ll do a make-up exam later.
Me: Deal. And btw, I’m sorry for making random remarks in class.
HSP: Random, like what?
Me: Like the one about the prostitutes.
HSP: Haha. You’re making them because you’re stressed out.

After the final exam, I asked him straight-up if he was gay. He blushed and ran away. I was a little terror at 17.


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