I’m On A Diet

June 3, 2010

Since I see terms like lesbian, bisexual and pansexual thrown around randomly, I think it might be helpful to distinguish between them. I’m stealing this great confectionaries metaphor:

Heterosexual: I like chocolate cake.

Homosexual: I like angel food cake.

Bisexual: I appreciate the tastes of both chocolate and angel food cake.

Pansexual: I like the tastes of chocolate cake, angel food cake, red velvet cake, funfetti, etc.

Asexual: I don’t like cake.

Celibate: I’m on a diet.

Partialist: I only like the frosting.

Fetishist: Who cares about cake, check out that platter!


One Response to “I’m On A Diet”

  1. Nic said

    hahaha awesome… is there a diet chocolate cake out there? Cause diets are hard to keep…. 😀

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