Sunday Morning

June 20, 2010

Time for my obligatory Sunday-morning post.

As always, I drank last night. However, this time it was a bit more than usual – 17 or 18 shots. Went home with The Bartender again (see post from May 2). I’m not entirely sure of what happened, but definitely not 11 minutes of squeaking or whatever it is you straight people do.

Today my buddy called me and said he got a blowjob on a balcony in Washington. In front of 2 other girls. Good for him. I can do a lot of crazy things but public sex is not one of them. Don’t really feel like explaining to my doctor, “So I got this strange rash… No, I’m not sure..   Well, I did have an orgy…”.


One Response to “Sunday Morning”

  1. N said

    I feel like I have to make a salvation here…Those 11 minutes of squeaking, can easily become 25 with a couple of orange juice breaks… 35, with some creativity and 45 with some extra efforts… and you always have morning sex to add some additional 11 minutes to the fun….

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