Gay, Not Pregnant

July 18, 2010

This week I got very sick and saw many doctors.

The doctors were nice, if a little slow. I had to go through this exchange at least once with each one:

-Are you pregnant?

-No, I’m not.

-What kind of birth control do you use?

-None, don’t really need any, thank you.

-Are you sexually active?


-Umm okay, when was your last period?

-Two months ago.

-OMG you’re having a baby!

I’m not pregnant, I’m gay! I’m my own birth control, thank you. And if my periods are irregular – that is normal too for a lot of women (esp.those my height & weight). Just please accept that I’m not having a baby and let’s move on to fixing that fever I have, shall we?


One Response to “Gay, Not Pregnant”

  1. N said

    hahah well you know, blond argentinian girls can get a bit confusing, tricky… : D

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