l words

August 26, 2010

All that fucking with no art is really rather dreary.

The Real L Word sucked. I’m sure I’d like these people in real life – Jill and Nikki seem so in love and appreciative of each other, Tracy is laid-back and considerate, and Mikey is thoughtful and sweet. But as a show, it was consumerist, one-dimensional, and boring.

Ilene Chaiken needs to retire. Listen, we appreciate that you wrote your own story into The L Word. We appreciate that you pushed for a full-on lesbian show on American television. But you are not a particularly talented writer or a very compelling story-teller. The L Word worked because of the talented actresses (Jennifer Beals! Leisha Hailey! Mia Kirschner!) and because there were grains of everyday truth to it. Yes, we sleep with all our friends. Yes, we want to have babies with our partners. Yes, we have difficult coming-out experiences.

But, as lesbians, we are also complex human beings. Our lives are not just “gay marriage” or “promiscuity” or “drama”. We are also artists, lawyers, project managers, and teachers. We have little brothers, crazy aunts, alcoholic cousins. We go to school, write amazing poems and make bad decisions. We hate cherries and love hiking. We have consistent, complex personalities resulting from genetics, the way we were brought up, and some recent experiences. The L Word acknowledged that sometimes. The Real L Word did not acknowledge it at all. Fail.


3 Responses to “l words”

  1. N said

    Agreed… plus there is not a half naked Jenn to love in this version of the show….

  2. To be fair, there is a half naked Tracy..

  3. N said

    : D true…. though tracy is a bit more reserved than a jenn….sad

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