Friday Night Live

August 28, 2010

I was feeling adventurous last night, gathered my friends, and went to my favorite bar (referenced many times in previous posts).

Somehow all my women like to gather there?

As soon as we get the first drink, RedGirl shows up. Prehistory: we’re friends, we hooked up, she now has a boyfriend, she wanted to have a threesome, I wasn’t into the idea and I stopped taking her calls for a couple of months. And then we run into each other in Favorite Bar.. last night. It was nice to see her, she looked good. But I was busy talking to my other friends, and she acted a little embarrassed and ran away with her boyfriend. So, that was random.

Then.. The Bartender texts me. She comes over to Favorite Bar but we somehow miss each other. Around 3:00 a.m., we decide to have a cigarette outside of her apartment. We smoke. Talk about Hemingway and Muriel Spark. Turns out that her threesome idea ALSO involves a guy. Whyyyy? What is the attraction in that? I just don’t get it. And the guy was already sleeping over at her apartment. She apologized. We established that we want to be friends and occasionally sleep with each other… When no third parties are involved. Then we made out and I ran away.

She proposed to walk me home, but I called a friend instead. The Bartender was surprised: “So you just have random guy friends who will get out of bed to come walk you home?” Me: “Yeah, pretty much.”


2 Responses to “Friday Night Live”

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