October 11, 2010

I haven’t had any alcohol in two weeks.

I haven’t been tipsy in four weeks.

I haven’t been drunk in six weeks.

I haven’t kissed anyone in eight weeks.

I haven’t had sex in seventeen weeks.

This is not to say that I’m trying to cut out all alcohol and sex out of my life, forever. Not many people need measures that drastic. I’m just trying to concentrate on what really matters: genuine connections, being a better person and a better manager.

And apparently that is normal. The NIAAA’s recent research shows that many alcohol abusers cut down drinking on their own: “Only about 15% of the people who develop alcohol dependence in their lifetime have the severe, relapsing form. Most people — 72% — have a single episode of addiction lasting on average three or four years and then they go into remission and stay there. A lot of them are abstaining.” Sounds like I fit right into this statistic. I did a lot of my heavy drinking in college, and now I’m (hopefully) growing out of it and getting on with my life!


One Response to “Changes!”

  1. N said

    Awesome : )

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