The Tale of The Opera and Sober Driving

October 16, 2010

So tonight, I started out at the opera and ended up in the police station.

Drove with some friends to a nearby city to see Macbeth. It was really good! The drive home was really long, though. About 5 miles away from my house, two police cars stopped me because I was speeding and ran a stop sign. I wasn’t doing either intentionally – just really cold and trying to get home as soon as I could. So I thought they’d write me a ticket and that would be it.

No… they decided I was drunk driving. I was given a bunch of tests (walking, finger following, etc) and the police officers thought I smelled of alcohol. They couldn’t figure out anything conclusive, though. Finally, I just said I’d be happy to do a breathalyzer test if it helps! They were really surprised. Kept saying, “are you sure?” Yes, I’m sure! I just ran a stop sign at 2 am – doesn’t mean I’m drinking and driving! So I took the breathalyzer. Zero! They were surprised. Gave me the ticket for the stop sign but not for speeding. So that was fine. Not a big deal. Spending half an hour in the police station in the middle of the night – annoying. Opera was worth it, though.


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