If you think it’s sex…

October 23, 2010

Maybe a large portion of this is that girls are raised to not seem “sluts”, but we tend to draw those lines in the sand of when it’s “real sex” and when it’s just fooling around. Both straight and gay girls do this.

Straight girls: “He hasn’t stuck his peepee in mine yet! He hasn’t come yet! He came, but in a different hole! He came, but only once! So, I’m still a virgin!”

Gay girls: “She hasn’t gone down on me yet! She has, but I haven’t! We both have, but no one came! We came, but there was no penetration! There was penetration, but no penis involved! So, I’m still a virgin!”

I don’t get the whole “someone has to get penetrated to have sex” deal. Because then you go into, penetrated with what, penis? What about dildoes, does that count? Do cucumbers count? Are all the girls masturbating with bananas and cucumbers having sex? Are all the girls going down on each other NOT having sex?

And I really don’t get the “sex is not sex until someone comes” definition. I mean, how many married women with children in their forties have not had sex yet?

Okay, so maybe the joke is on me here, but if there is social activity involving naked people having potential to give each other orgasms, how is that not sex?


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