What do Lima and Budapest Have In Common?

November 24, 2010

Why are les girls so into restroom “fun”? Restaurant bathrooms, bar toilets, British loos and Spanish baños… They do it everywhere.

It’s still quite simple in straight bars, but getting more difficult in gay ones as everyone is onto you. The bouncer interrupted me getting acquainted with a girl in the biggest gay bar in Miraflores District. However, there was a dark lounge on the second floor that worked just as well, so not a big loss there.

Anyway. We are so used to the fact that a bathroom is a safe, women-only space, that using it to do something more private comes naturally. I don’t have to try to figure out whose home – mine or hers, consider the possibility that her mom’s awake or that my roommates have friends over. There are no awkward morning-afters. No walks of shame through the campus. We met – I like you – women’s room? I totally understand the cheerleaders in this 2005 story.

Let’s not confuse this with cruising. I really do want to have a conversation before you’re sticking your tongue down my throat. But after we have that conversation, I like that you like Hemingway, you like that I like Dostoevski, and I think you’re awesome, can we have a quickie right now please? Kthxbai.


2 Responses to “What do Lima and Budapest Have In Common?”

  1. N said

    ok, random thought… what about showers? : D Also, I keep good memories from gay bars bathrooms though, straight ones, meh, way more boring….

  2. […] about our first hook-ups when we were baby gays. Or our last hook-up yesterday at the bar. And I already made my case for the prevalence of les restroom […]

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