Gaydars and Silly

December 12, 2010

It’s snowy and icy today, so instead of going to a party or to my favorite bar, I’m here!

Today’s topic is gaydar. Not everyone has one naturally, but if you hang out around gay people for long enough, you can develop one (my friend N is a testament to that). Some of us have a sharper one, some of us get the rusty version. Some gaydars were produced in the US in 1950s. Those are geared toward butch/femme recognition. Others are from the 70s – ever had a friend who proclaimed “everyone is a little bi”? Hippie-made, that particular model.

The tricky point is to realize everyone’s gaydar has a different scale. What you’d say is bisexual is another person’s gay, and yet the person you’re assessing might say he’s straight. Doesn’t mean anyone is wrong – just go with what the subject is saying he is, and don’t try to convince him otherwise! After all, maybe a time will come and he’ll adjust his settings. Or maybe you will, who knows?


2 Responses to “Gaydars and Silly”

  1. N said

    Partying around with a sharp gaydar… A handy quality for sure…

  2. […] I take my straight male friends to gay bars, I don’t even have to teach them the ways of the gaydar. The one girl who I think is cute for sure will be straight and will probably end up snogging the […]

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