Last Night At My Favorite Bar

December 22, 2010

Sunday night, my ex-roommate invited me out for a glass of wine. Since I wanted to catch up with her before I skip town, I agreed.

We went to a lovely little bar just outside of downtown around 8:00 p.m. Just two hours later, she was dragging me to My Favorite Bar. Guess who was there? You are correct, The Bartender. The story of The Bartender starts out with this post and plays out in a few more.

Anyway, she definitely saw me. Whispered to her friends. Her friends started staring at me. I came up to them and introduced myself, apologizing for taking The Bartender’s books and never returning them back. Random girl: “Books, huh?” Random guy: “So, you’re the famous book thief?”

We smoked and flirted kissed on the cheek and were having an interesting conversation, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turned around. Random guy 2: “Do you know you’re hitting on my girlfriend?” Me: “I think it’s the other way around, darling. Hi. What’s your name?” After a brief introduction, I said I had to go back to my friends. The Bartender tried to make me stay. I left. The Bartender and Her Apparent BF started fighting, and were still fighting when I was leaving the bar an hour later.

Not sure why, but that was a pretty perfect ending to The Bartender Story.

Next on the list: The Blonde Girl Story. Will finish tonight with the dinner we are having.


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