What Not To Do

January 30, 2011

Don’t trust anyone who eats you out on the first date.

The idea of a first date is to keep it (1) light and (2) informative so that you can see if you could potentially pursue a relationship. Sex ruins both of those. You want to know if the other person’s compatible with you. You can’t do that with her tongue between your legs. Sex on the first date will make you mistake the sexual connection for mental. If she’s going south, you’re not thinking clearly. It’s “Awesome, orgasm!” rather than, “How interesting is this person? Do we connect on different levels?”. You will be deceived into thinking you have a much deeper bond than you actually do.

The point is, you are not that special. If she is doing it with you, she would do it on a first date with someone else. For sures. Casual sex is cool if you’re looking for a one-time hook-up. But, just take note that hook-up =/= relationship.

And lastly, in oral sex, there is always a giver and a receiver (unless we’re talking 69 which is a whole different topic). If you’re giving someone else dominance over you on the first date, what’s going to happen later? There is a time for vulnerability, but first date with someone is usually not the best moment.


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