The Les Girl and The Secret Little Room

February 15, 2011

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’d like to remind you about the most intimate relationship that a lesbian can have.

The sacred connection between the gay girl and her bathroom.

No, I’m not talking about the tight embrace of the toilet after a long night out. I was thinking more along the lines of how special these little rooms are to a lesbian’s heart.

Have you thought about who in your circle of friends has the cleanest bathroom? The one with the sparkling shower, the latest hot tub, the tidiest tiles, and the neatest arrangement of make-up under the mirror. No, it’s not your fratboy cousin (although he does have a suspiciously large collection of men’s moisturizers under his sink). It’s the gay girl! If you’re the gay girl, congratulations, it’s you.

The number one reason why the bathrooms are so special to us is because we’re deeply sentimental. We love thinking about our first hook-ups when we were baby gays. Or our last hook-up yesterday at the bar. And I already made my case for the prevalence of les restroom fun.

Reason two is that no matter how you dress, the mirror is your best friend. I’ve known the butchiest les girls who wouldn’t leave the house until their hair was smoothed just right.

Another reason is that it’s our space. After years of growing up sharing your bathroom with brothers, roommates, flatmates, etc, you finally get a sink and a toilet of your own! And there is no boy to mess it up. Of course, then your girlfriend moves in with a walmart-sized bag of cosmetics ready to assault the mirror, but by then you’re fully ready to train her to maintain your sacred spot.

Still not convinced that the restroom’s the place to be? I present to you Silvia and Pepa.


2 Responses to “The Les Girl and The Secret Little Room”

  1. N said

    Y aunque uno crea saber cómo deben ser las cosas…la realidad es que las cosas son como son : )

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