Les Girls’ Kryptonite

February 18, 2011

We danced, talked, smoked, met strangers, and drank wine/bailey’s/rum/vodka. Overall a very lovely night at a tiny les bar in the middle of the City X gay district.

I was having a hard time concentrating on regressions and acceptance zones in my morning class today. Besides the sleep deprivation (only 2 hours of bedtime last night…. not enough), I was also in deep thought about straight girls, a.k.a. lesbians’ poison of choice.

Straight girls must have secret classes on hypnosis or roofies or something, because why else are we so attracted to them? When I take my straight male friends to gay bars, I don’t even have to teach them the ways of the gaydar. The one girl who I think is cute for sure will be straight and will probably end up snogging the said male friend under the fluorescent lights.

My  theory is that we gay girls are just very compassionate people. We can sense that a girl is straight and feel bad that she’s missing out on a whole world of pleasure. Because I’m such a nice person, I’ve “turned” a few straighties. But given the option, I’d rather go with a 100% les girl any day of the week 🙂


6 Responses to “Les Girls’ Kryptonite”

  1. N said

    Well depends on the straight girl type: If the straight girl is like 1. Being supportive to her lesbian friend, babysitting her in the gay bar, she will be so excited to meet a straight male, and will want him to accompany her to the girl’s bathroom for some 11 minutes… which as previously explained, can be extended with a few tricks…. If the straight girl is like 2. Has a boyfriend but is alone in the bar, she is exploring and being bi curious, and then she will run away from the innocent straight male… So the matter tends to go out of the range of gaydars….

    P.S. and well to be fair… lesbian girls are straight male’s kryptonite, according to what I’ve heard : D

    • Too much information about 11 minutes, darling… stop making my blog so scandalous 😉

      The thing is, though, the bi-curious girls never identify themselves as such! They either say they’re straight (misleading as it puts them into category 1 for me) or they say they’re gay (really misleading as it gets confusing later in the night or the next day at work).

      • xavi said

        too bad I missed the “11 minutes”.. we should hang out again :p

        Anyway I would agree with you, and guess there is also lots of curiosity from the straight girl, so she would look/stare, and mislead your judgement..
        Oh, agreed with the PS too !

  2. xavi said

    We snogged ? Really ? Too many different beverages I guess …

  3. […] 27, 2011 Last night, I dragged another straight friend to the TinyLesBar from the post a couple of weeks […]

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