Proper Weekend

February 26, 2011

Wow, I’m being so mature. I didn’t go out last night, and instead prepared my to-do list. I found this program called QuickProject and I’m in love. I can break my list down into tasks, subtasks, track percentage complete and priority. Love love love.

And today, I cooked and did the reading for my classes. No hangovers, moral or otherwise. However, tonight I am having a few classmates over and we are drinking rum and wine. You can expect an interesting post from me tomorrow.



3 Responses to “Proper Weekend”

  1. Anonymous said

    Love to do lists too! Visually organizing everything, checking stuff off… you know 🙂

    • Doesn’t it make you feel good when you put something silly there, like “feed self”, you can check it off after a bowl of cereal, and feel like you’ve accomplished something?

      • Anonymous said

        Yes!! I’ve also realized that if I mean to attend to something but don’t put it on the list with the other to-dos, it doesn’t get taken care of. Funny how that works lol “Wake up” would be the ultimate silly one, almost cheating even 🙂

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