Proper Weekend Part Two

February 27, 2011

Last night, I dragged another straight friend to the Tiny Les Bar from the post a couple of weeks ago.

In a few hours of drinking and talking, she went home. After putting her in a taxi, I turn around and see a pretty brunette smoking. “Can I have one?”

Two hours later, the pretty smoker was in my bed. Very light skin, light eyes, dark hair, 27, a psychologist. 100% les. Me viene perfecto.

By the way, “Can I have a cigarette?” is international les-speak for “I don’t really want to blacken my lungs, but you’re hot and I’d like to take you home tonight.” So, the outcome of sharing smokes was not that surprising.

Today, I woke up early and getting ready for an exam Tuesday. No moral hangovers!


7 Responses to “Proper Weekend Part Two”

  1. N said

    so no colored cubes anytime soon… though I will get some fruity tea for me… : D

  2. Anonymous said

    Geez! Is it really that easy or are you just that good? πŸ˜‰ “Can I have a cigarette”…hmm have to keep that one in mind. I don’t smoke (those kind anyway lol) so probably wouldn’t have thought of that. Good to know. Merci

    • Sometimes, “What is this pink shit you’re drinking?” said in your sweetest, most innocent tone, also works πŸ™‚ usually they will offer you a taste.

      That is my tip of the day πŸ˜‰

  3. xavi said

    damnit ! I knew I had missed a great night !!
    y ahora que ?

    • Well, actually, tonight I went out. It was super fun. I danced with a hot girl from my class (we’re friends), and it was generally a good time. But! Then! I GOT MY FAVORITE COAT STOLEN. Like it was on a rack right next to where I was the whole time and then it disappeared. What the fuck is it with this city and coats? I actually really love this one!

      Well, needless to say, I need another night of fun without stolen coats. Thursday? Friday?

  4. […] Quick descriptions: CityGirl I met in a bar a while back. She is one of the nicest people I know around here, very genuine. She helped me move. Random pretty girl I met on the street while trying to find my way around the gay district last night. She smiles a lot. And brunette psychologist, well, you already know. […]

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