Grad School = Middle School?

March 24, 2011

When I was working, I remember thinking fondly about my school days. I missed college, high school, and, most of all, middle school. Middle school was fun! Yeah, I had to study some, but I got to spend my days in the company of my friends, laughing and talking and gossiping and getting into all kinds of crazy trouble. One of my friends was in love with a new boy every week, another one couldn’t make up her mind about her long sort-of-relationship (oh, the drama!) and I think I was just crushing out on my 29-year-old, super hot, blonde professor. For a visual, think Amber Heard.

Well, when I wished to go back to school, I didn’t think that Powers That Be would take my desires that literally. I am quite seriously back in middle school. We’re not allowed to skip class, 2 Cs and we get kicked out, no phones or eating during lectures, and, the gossip! Oh, the gossip. If you believed what my classmates were saying, you would have thought that this grad school is one giant orgy. According to the rumors, I’ve slept with 2 girls and 2 guys (!) already. There’s also a rumor that two boys have a bet on which one will seduce me. Oh, and there’s a rumor that I’m just pretending to be gay to intrigue the cutest guys in the class and steal them away from the unsuspecting girls. Yep, cause I am an evil mastermind like that. You would have thought that we could move past the 5th grade…


2 Responses to “Grad School = Middle School?”

  1. Mi Mi said

    You know, it’s not just you, right 😉 Your pepople are at least younger, but mine are around 30 and I’ve already been connected to at least 5 guys in the class 🙂

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