Opposites or Similarities?

March 26, 2011

Is it really true that opposites attract?

I came across a post by another lesbian today. She said she could “never be attracted to a woman who could be my body twin”. I’ve heard that sentiment before, in both straight and les girls. They claim to like to be physically different from their partners. One partner is taller  – the other one smaller, one is more athletic – the other more curvy, etc. In part, this is the description of your typical butch/femme dynamic.

But when I think about it, I don’t actually know many les couples in real life where the two girls involved have a different look. Usually it’s that both girls are somewhat androgynous, or somewhat femme, etc (I even knew a soft butch/soft butch couple). There’s usually a big resemblance in physical styles. I know two women who are both curvy, more top-heavy, and make-up free. My ex-gf and I knew a couple who both wore hipster skinny jeans and knitted hats. The other couple were both in trucker hats and oversized t-shirts. I could go on and on. In short, you wouldn’t be surprised to find out these girls were together.

I fall into this trend, as well. Speaking of The Ex, she and I used to swap shirts and make-up. If I think about it, the girls who I like tend to have a body shape similar to mine. I wouldn’t date someone who was much shorter or taller than me, either.

As far as style goes, I prefer girls who are feminine. I like girls who dress somewhat girly (tight clothing, some make-up) and that’s what I do, too. However, could it be that because I like girly girls, I subconsciously create that look for myself? I remember one time I told BlondeGirl that I love her long hair. She said that she knew: “Because your hair is just as long”.


2 Responses to “Opposites or Similarities?”

  1. Mrs.Butterfly said

    my exes and I apparently all looked similar ^^ maybe I tend to fall in love with myself xD my longest ex and I we looked like twins, her moms words not mine ^^

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