Hot Bartender

May 29, 2011

Here’s what happened last night.

We are in a posh bar/club in the northern part of the city  with “69” as part of its name. Many guys trying to buy drinks, one slow/confused bartender. After 15 minutes, takes our order, great… and promptly forgets about us. Not so great.

To her rescue comes a thin, confident girl in a white tank top. Takes our order again, serves us (4 drinks), the guys next to us, the girls behind us, and everyone at the bar. All in less than 5 minutes.

Anytime I see anyone who clearly excels at her job, I come a little. Well, in this case, I just smiled and drank my vodka.

My friend promptly gets wasted. So I escort him out of the bar, and at the exit see the hot bartender smoking. I turn around and lightly touch her hand to get her attention.

Me: “Hey! Sorry for the misunderstanding with the drinks. Thanks, you are really fast!”

Hot Bartender: *laughs* Oh, it was fine. You think I’m fast? *touches me back*

I smile and go out on the street, catch a cab, put my friend in, as he says, “HOW do you do that? You just had that girl.”

When I’m coming back in, she’s still smoking. I take her cigarette, we chat, some guy tries to hit on me. I tell him I don’t speak his language, while answering the girl’s questions in that same language. She acts protective, pulls me into a private area, we finish smoking, she smiles. I love when women look at me like that.

Then I leave and go home.


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