Virginia Woolf and My Mother

June 5, 2011

The other night, I had a dream about BlondeGirl. In the dream, I was taking a walk around my parents’ house and ran into BlondeGirl. I invited her in, and BlondeGirl fit in so perfectly into my family in the dream. And I’m quite sure that if she ever meets my parents in real life, they would love her.

Not everyone would fit into my family. For example, my parents haven’t gotten along with The Ex. I also cannot see myself marrying, let’s say, ElevatorGirl or HotProf (they both deserve their own stories, I will tell later) and bringing either of them home.

Maybe it’s the values? My family: education for the sake of education, art for the sake of art, cynical toward anything political. For fun, we discuss the validity of Myers-Briggs tests, and articles about guys writing college essays for pay. My parents can be warm, but they need to get to know you first.

The Ex was lovely and sweet. However, she also thought Ambrose Bierce was dreary, and saw everything as black or white. But BlondeGirl, with her love of Virginia Woolf and the opera, would fit in easily. I can see her getting along with my mother – talking in concise, short sentences, and listening to each other intently.

Virginia Woolf, 1902


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  1. Very interesting subject, appreciate it for posting.

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