The L Word and My World or Blonde Girl Story Part 2

June 24, 2011

Re-watching season 6 of The L Word. After season 2 of The Real L Word, Ilene Chaiken’s first creation looks like a masterpiece. I wish I had remembered my original resolution not to watch anything made by anyone whose initials are IC.

...But It Doesn't Really Compare

Well, in beginning of 2009,  I also made a list of the qualities I want in a future partner. The list included: European, brunette, warm, risk-taker, “in my world and not confused”.

A month later, I met BlondeGirl. Independent, hard-to-read. Stand-offish. Debatable maturity level. Very confused. Not at all a risk-taker. American. And, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by the name, definitely not a brunette.

And boom.

I spent a year and a half sending confused schizophrenic messages to one of my best friends. Here is are a few:

[12/10/2009] just had lunch with blonde girl and walked back to my office smiling. she, i think, is gayyyyy… like rainbow showlaces. but… i don’t know if she doesn’t know it?

[15/10/2009] the kiss with blondegirl was really nice. otherwise i am exhausted

[01/02/2010]  i would date blonde girl if she were so inclined; but she is crazy. so, no

[20/02/2010] im excited about breakfast with blonde girl tomorrow

[26/04/2010] she is moving to my building and is already making plans to hang out in my kitchen. wtf?

[09/05/2010] i’m stuck in the same one-night-standstand/blonde girl/one-night /blonde girl cycle

[19/05/2010] she was so excited about my office move. ‘Do you know where you’ll be yet? what floor are you on? etc”. I just wanted to be like, calm down, not yours if i can help it.

[26/06/2010] just declined blondegirl. she sent an invitation to drinks. and i said, decline

[23/08/2010] she sent me a weird super-flirty work email

[26/08/2010] why does she keep telling me she wants to marry a male doctor and become a suburban housewife?

[18/11/2010] kind of random that i’m taking c-l there? cause c-l is blonde girl’s boss. and blondegirl and i had a fight again

[22/12/2010] woke up today in her bed with is that my alarm or yours going off?

To conclude, choose your women wisely and use your original lists and resolutions!


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