This Week, TXT-style

June 25, 2011

In text messages to my friends:

[Wed, 0:37] I just ordered another full glass of vodka.

[Wed, 1:34] Def not on a break anymore.

[Wed 6:05] No, just left. She was 36!

[Wed 15:53] Coffee with HotProf! She saved me from a hangover and told me I am not a slut.

[Wed 17:41] Actually she has slept with as many girls as I have! Not bad for a straight.

[Thu 0:15] Took 10 straight people from my class to a gay bar… Straight girls are currently touching each other’s thighs.

[Thu 8:15] And she left at 8 am which wins her points in my book.

[Thu 14:05] Shots are evil. Women in my bed are evil.

[Fri 2:27] in les bar with HotProf…. she  says doesn’t do women anymore.

[Fri 2:48] we just got into an argument over who would top.

[Fri 2:58] may have told her she’s full of shit..


4 Responses to “This Week, TXT-style”

  1. Meg Dela Cruz said

    Your blog always entertains me… Way to go… Bravo…

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