The Other L Word

June 27, 2011

FOUR is the count of straight girls starting a conversation about their panties with me today.

This just further proves that everyone wants attention.

Straight girls, gay girls, igual.

Well, we already knew that.

After all, we have the Real L Word.

Here’s what I like fine:

  • Pretty girls on my TV who are lesbians – because, yay lesbians
  • Girls who drink and do some drugs and have responsible and irresponsible sex – because, this happens, is a normal part of life, and it’s nice to see people enjoy themselves
  • Girls who don’t do crazy stuff and focus on building their lives: career, marriage, babies – because, this is also normal, we all do this too

Here is what I don’t like:

  • Seeing the same plot points over and over again. Case in point: Whitney sleeping with random women, hooking up/breaking up with Sara and/or the girl of the week. It’s boring, it’s predictable, and shows no personal development whatsoever.
  • Not seeing any type of background or larger picture for why bad/good/interesting decisions are made. What kind of lives did Cori and Kacy lead prior to the Big Sperm Search? What do Chanel’s parents think of her being on a lesbian TV show? What does Francine do when she’s not with Claire? How does Whitney finance her drinking habits/women habits? Why did Kelsey think it’d be great to move into Romi’s flat? Why do they discuss private stuff with Kelsey’s mother?

So many questions. (And let’s not start on some other questions I have, like HATS??? Really?)

Editing goes a long way (I’ve worked in TV for some time), but if there was no crazy stuff to record, there would be no crazy stuff to broadcast. For example, The Ex never engages in one-night stands or crazy drama. Even if someone really tried to make her out to look crazy on camera, maybe the only thing that could help the editor would be the excerpts from her conversations with me where I’m telling her about my revolving door.

So I wouldn’t blame the shitty editing for the way that some of these women are coming to light. It’s a good thing that we have all kinds of models of lesbian life: ones that we may want to follow and ones that we should be careful not to turn into.

Wasn't it a trainwreck?


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