Scarves & Sleeves

September 20, 2011

You know all the signs of a lesbian, right?

Flannel shirts. Tattoos. Asymmetric earrings.

But there are some that are so subtle, I never hear anyone mention them. Yet most who sport them are, if not gay, are at least interested in trying. Today, let’s talk about two.

The first is rolled up sleeves.

Exhibit A: Ellen DeGeneres

The second is hipstery scarves. Especially in the cities that never go below 20 degrees.

Exhibit B: Kristen Stewart



6 Responses to “Scarves & Sleeves”

  1. Anonymous said

    I agree with you about sleeves, but… scarves? no way! what about some vegans?

  2. If you make your own hummus it’s like wearing a sign on your head, also wearing boots or flip-flops. Ever. Again going back to the point you made about the heat!

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