September 22, 2011

Work. You know, that activity that brings food on our plates and designer jeans on our butts.

Pretty much everyone around me is looking for a job. Are you?

Are you freaking out about cover letters and resumes? Are you unsure what makes you sound like a serious professional and what makes you sound like a confused teenager? Because I used to be in that place.

Then, i figured out the key to excellent cover letters and resumes.

That key is writing, rewriting, and editing. Repeat about 20 times. After writing 20 times about how awesome you are, you will start believing it. however, at some point, re-writing a cover letter gets tedious. You run out of ideas, and frankly, you don’t know what you are doing wrong. You need a fresh pair of eyes to look it over.

So after writing the first (or third, or fifth) version of your cover letter, give it to someone to read. Suggestions: your friends; your parents; your professors; your former co-workers/bosses.

Some paid services are also good options. Not to write your cover letter for you, of course, but to professionally review your writing, identify the gaps, fix grammar and punctuation. For example, there is a website that is sort of a marketplace for cover letter revisions. It connects professional writers and editors with those who need to polish their cover letters. This type of service is especially helpful if you’re looking for a job in an English-speaking country but you’re from, let’s say, Spain or France. Your credentials are likely awesome – but a native speaker will help your writing flow better and showcase your skills. Check it out:


3 Responses to “Job-Searching?”

  1. N said

    Love all these tips! Thank you : )

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