In Support Of Hardwoods

September 26, 2011

I haven’t made a scandalous post in a while.

So this one is going to be about hardwood floors.

Some women like to keep a nice rug. They think it makes their guests feel more comfy maybe, or they don’t like the little breeze that comes with hardwood floors. For some reason, gay girls are especially fond of their rugs. Well, a well-maintained, nice-smelling carpet is nothing to be upset about. But in the apartments that I rent (and even more so when it comes to houses to buy), I much prefer hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors – means nothing there. Brazilian waxes and creams can help you maintain them clean and clear. I personally am just militant with my razor. How to get it right: wet, put cream, shave, put more cream. The one-time razors that have already been used are better than the heavy-duty ones because they’re less sharp. And you don’t want anything too sharp on your pretty hardwood.

I disagree that it’s a little girl look. I mean, if you can’t distinguish adult parts from little girl ones, then you have a problem that I don’t want to know about.

Plus, the texture of the wood. The smell of it. The knots and the grain. No carpet can beat that.

And I don’t think that all bare means high-maintenance or stripper or sex maniac. Actually, though, I have found that it makes scissoring that much more effective. Rugs = carpet burn. Oily hardwoods at close contact = perfection. You can skate all night!

Drew Barrymore Skating On Hardwoods


4 Responses to “In Support Of Hardwoods”

  1. N said

    and what about marble floors? : D

  2. nicfouts said

    I love reading your thoughts. The USA misses you.

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