Manual To Straight Women

October 15, 2011

As straight women are the kryptonite to the lesbian community, I thought some of you may find this useful. Or maybe you’ll just have a laugh at how silly/dedicated I was when younger.

This Can Be Your First Step...

Skype conversation with a friend from a year ago. 

LesInTheCity: when i was young and stupid and had sex with straight girls

LesInTheCity: i measured their readiness for sex by how they were breathing

LesInTheCity: you know, girls have a different respiration rate when they’re aroused?

LesFriend: as if they were a bit nervous?

LesFriend: faster?

LesInTheCity: deeper

LesFriend: ohh

LesInTheCity: and slower

LesFriend: ive never noticed thatt.. how did you figure it out

LesInTheCity: and some muscles tense

LesInTheCity: well i slept with tons of straight girls 😀

LesInTheCity: i had to learn to read the signs

LesInTheCity: i didn’t want to hit on the wrong friend you know


2 Responses to “Manual To Straight Women”

  1. John said

    You’re half right. The “true” Kryptonite
    Is Sperm.

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