How to Attract or Repel a Gemini Lesbian

November 15, 2011

Today, I am beginning a new category of posts about lesbian astrology. I’ve met them all, from Aries to Pisces. I’ll start with Gemini.

How to Keep or Repel a Gemini Girlfriend

The Gemini girl thinks a lot, talks a lot, remembers everything you said…. and nothing she promised.

She has a muddy concept of time, so don’t be too mad that she’s always a little late to your dates. It’s not her fault. She just genuinely doesn’t remember how much it takes for her to get dressed, to put make-up on, and to get to your favorite coffeeshop.

Fun, logical, emotionally vulnerable

The key to a Gemini’s heart is her mind. She needs to be turned on mentally before she can respond sexually. The concept of sex is often more interesting to the Gemini lesbian than the actual act. Don’t be surprised if you see a detached look in her eyes when you are kissing or fucking her. It’s just that every stimulus has to go through a logical algorithm before getting to her private parts.

A Gemini will talk to anyone and everyone. For a few minutes, at least. But if you don’t respond, she will assume you find her boring and move on. That’s because Gemini is easily the most anxious sign of the zodiac, though that may not be readily apparent. This lesbian needs constant reassurance that she is witty, interesting, and no, not as stupid as she thinks.

To seduce a Gemini, focus on her, ask for her opinion, and tell her about your feelings. Gemini lacks a good understanding of the emotional world, so she will be captivated. However, never let her know she’s got your heart, or she will be bored and twitchy within hours.

To break-up with this girl, be possessive, stop answering her texts, and disagree with her opinions.ย An angry Gemini will never scream or break plates. In a break-up, she will go through the following stages:

Stage one. She will ignore whatever’s wrong. She will pretend that everything’s fine and everyone’s having fun. She will keep asking if you are okay. A Gemini lesbian doesn’t believe that someone could hurt her on purpose.

Stage two. She starts to realize that something’s off. Since a Gemini processes everything mentally, she will not ย understand her feelings and resort to discussing her options for hours with her best friends.ย Still won’t say a word to you and will hope that this will pass.

Stage three. She sits down one early morning in the kitchen and thinks, alone. The lesbian Gemini feels sad. She tries one last time to reach her partner.

Stage four. This is the end. She will simply stop talking to you. That may happen only a day after she had invited you to an opera (see end of stage three). If you didn’t seem to react in the “right manner”, whichever the manner may be, she will simply leave the tickets on the counter and disappear from your life.

But if you manage to keep the Gemini lesbian, you’ll have one of the most faithful and fun girlfriends in the Zodiac. This girl attracts all the attention in the room even when she’s feeling shy. She makes her partner look better just by standing next to her. So what if next month she is the perfect girlfriend to someone else?

Does well with: Aries and Sagittarius

Drives her crazy: Taurus and Cancer


33 Responses to “How to Attract or Repel a Gemini Lesbian”

  1. N said

    So how about this: If I work hard on my calculus and algebra, can I get to one of the good stages? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Anonymous said

    Love astrology and haven’t found much on the web relating to same-sex astrology, so this is cool! It’ll be fun to see what comes up for my sign and to see who I’m best matched/not matched with. I’m a Leo so I can’t help it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll have out check out for my rising sign too I guess…

  3. pamelane said

    Haha wow! I dated a Gemini girl and this sounds a whole lot like how she is and how things went down in the relationship. I’m now eager to read what you have for the other signs. Fun post!

  4. Nuria said

    I agree, nice post! I can’t wait what comes up for Leo too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. […] How to seduce or dump a Gemini How I became sure Why you should be a top Thanks and please come back soon […]

  6. Carlos Pulesanderu said

    That girl your mate wanted you to go out with as she had lovely personality she was a Gemini?

  7. Great post. I dated a Gemini once. I am thinking, I don’t want to do it again, lol.

  8. Anonymous said

    My ex from top to bottom! Excellent! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Leo said

    So, is that type of woman interested in the type of a lesbian Leo? I’m very attracted to a lesbian Gemini, 18 yo and i’m 24. (Yep, she’s rather smart and mature for her age). Or maybe i should try another sign? (Her ex was a Taurus girl).

    I know many straight couples of Leo-Gemini that work well for years. But, i have noticed that in lesbian horoscopes the opposites are most compatible!

    Well, what do you think about leos? Good or bad? And why?

    • I think Leos are great! An 18 year old Gemini might be just a liiiittle on the young side for you. We Geminis like to take our time with emotional maturity. But Leo + Gemini is certainly a great match. Lots of energy, lots of support, you both want the same things in life.

  10. Alexia said

    I have a question too!! Is it ok to be sentimental with a Gemini partner? (i’m a Pisces, i can’t help it). Does that scare them? Do Gemini girls ever talk about their feelings, or this is taboo with them? And why are they so childish all the time? Is that some kind of insecurity? Do they ever get serious? How can i know if she really loves me or not, any signs?

    • leah said

      Okay first off u can be sentimental as long as it doenst turn into a soap opera ( get the picture). Second we don’t really talk about our feelings because we are thinkers. And yes a lot of feelings can make us feel…..uncomfortable we prefer to keep it light hearted. Third we are childish (playful) bevause that’s who we are, were big kids at heart we don’t take things seriously. You will know if a gemini loves you if they share there insecurities with you as well as remain loyal to you.

      • Geminis certainly have feelings. We are just not as good as expressing or describing them as our friends the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). And we don’t want to lead you astray with our many “umms” and “hmms”. We trust you can pick up on them and be there for us.

  11. Anonymous said

    Where’s taurus

  12. Jennifer Lopez said

    Amazing post, its so hard to find compatibility and love matches on same sex couples !!! So thank youu. MOREEE

  13. SansSpin said

    I’m a Gemini crushing on a Aries… can we get some Aries insight?

    BTW, your thoughts on Geminis were pretty good… but you know if you repeat this I’ll deny it! : p

  14. magayla said

    I’m a Gemini lesbian and this is 100% truth like I don’t even know how people can know this

  15. WOW! I have to say that when I read the three stages I was floored. So true it was uncanny.

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