How to Attract or Repel a Cancer Lesbian

November 21, 2011

The Cancer lesbians are especially close to my heart. They include The Ex, BlondeGirl, some Danish women, and even the particularly attractive roommates of the days past. 

How to Keep or Repel a Cancer Girlfriend

The Cancer lesbian is soft, loving, and patient. When she is not talking about her feelings, she is thinking of them. The word “sensitive” was invented for this girl.

Sensitive, emotional, patient

She blushes at the mere thought of someone openly flirting with her. Secretly, though, she loves the attention.

Seduction of a Cancer lesbian is an intricate interview process. You will have to withstand hundreds of coffee dates, months of holding hands, and hours of late-night conversations. She will tell you about her developing feelings, about her changing sexuality, about all her exes. Especially ones she broke up with years ago. Be ready to wait out the times she gets moody and withdrawn, dealing with an issue long past. All the while she will, of course, refer to you as “a friend” to anyone that inquires.

Cancers never forget their exes. Their shadows accumulate with years, and every new potential girlfriend needs to measure up to all of their good qualities. The bad qualities Cancer is still trying hard to understand.

The Cancer lesbian is the one who will brood over a girl who three years ago went out on two dates with her, failed to understand her complicated soul, dared to try to kiss her, and then never called back. Cancer will bring up the topic again and again over wine with her girlfriends, asking how could anyone be so insensitive. It’s not a rhetorical question – she cannot comprehend that someone would not consider her feelings or that someone might be looking for just a one-night stand. For a Cancer, any potentially sexual connection is deeply emotional.

A Cancer needs an outgoing, open girlfriend who will push her outside of her shell. Two Cancers in a relationship would never have sex. “You start.” “No, you start”. However, you won’t regret getting her into bed. Probably thanks to the emotional attachment, a Cancer is very attentive to her partner’s needs.

But, once you take off this lesbian’s pants, you got yourself a serious girlfriend. Cancers don’t do casual dating. Every day you are with her, you’re one step closer to marriage. A long-term companionship is the secret dream of every Cancer. If you don’t see babies with a Cancer in your future, you may need to break up with her.

To do so, start sleeping around or bragging about the past lovers you’ve had, in great detail. Tell her you don’t like cuddling under the blanket and watching TV with her. Invite your Cancer girlfriend to the bars, 7 times a week. She will go through these stages:

Stage one. The Cancer lesbian will take buckets and buckets of shit from her partner. It’s not that she sees the shit as roses (as may be the case with an in-love Aries). The Cancer lesbian just accepts the shit, and hopes she will one day understand its content and chemical make-up.

Stage two. She will still continue taking the shit. Patiently. Now she’s starting to define the shit as shit, but she won’t say anything out loud. She’s afraid that she is the one that makes her partner unhappy, and if she says something, she’ll get a complaint back.

Stage three. She will start voicing minor, polite questions. “Did you buy the milk? Has the dog been walked?” But she will be too ashamed of her own bravery to hear the answers.

Stage four. A Cancer forms her own space, with her friends, her own milk, her own dog. One day, she disappears completely into a new life. With minimal complaints or scandals.

If you do decide to come back to a Cancer, think twice. by proclaiming such intentions, you may end up torturing Cancer’s soul with “what ifs”. Be careful – she is unlikely to step back into the same river.

Will probably marry: Virgo and Pisces

Will remember as the crazy girlfriend: Gemini and Sagittarius


19 Responses to “How to Attract or Repel a Cancer Lesbian”

  1. Anonymous said

    Nice post. Keep them coming! It’s true, I usually have more emotionally intense relationships/friendships with Cancers which I like except when it’s gets too intense 🙂 Although I have a feeling that there is a good chance I will end up with a water sign since that is the element most lacking in my chart and the people/friends I seem to attract the most. Hoh boy…. 😉

  2. Wow post thanks! We feel your articles are wonderful and want far more soon. We really like anything to do with word games/word play.

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  4. Anonymous said

    Be ready to wait out the times she gets moody and withdrawn, dealing with an issue long past. All the while she will, of course, refer to you as “a friend” to anyone that inquires.

    ^ This made me LOL

  5. Melissa said

    I have a cancer friend,i am a Pisces and i swear we were destined for another. She says i have helped her feel again instead of feeling cold. our conversations can seriously last days if we didn’t have to sleep. We both agree that or connection is deep and meant to be placed in each others life. I have fallen for her but the kicker is she has a taurus gf who i feel is taking advantage of her. She complained that she wasn’t romantic or takes the lead but any mention on how the girl is wrong for her she gets highly defensive saying she is in love and believes this girl is just having bad luck and she believes in her and knows they can get they this. Of course the taurus centers around her. Of course me being a pisces is either running frantically from her or saying i can get over my feelings and stick it out… there any hope for this pisces lezzie?

    • Melissa said

      Oh and when we talk about me finding someone even for fun she believes i shouldn’t because i need to focus on me and it week only disappoint me. Of course she comes off preachy like i should be a nun. I’ve been single for a year!

      • She wants to have her girlfriend and eat you, too.

        Well, as a Cancer, she actually probably wants to keep the physical to only one person (probably her gf, in this case, since they have the official title; it’s safer in Cancer’s mind), but she definitely wants your emotional attachment. She likes having you into her, focused on her, paying her that kind of attention.

        She wouldn’t admit it, of course – it is highly subconscious. But that’s the biggest reason she doesn’t want you to find anyone. She doesn’t want to share! Finding someone just for fun might not mean too much for you, since you are focused on your emotional connection. But be prepared for lots of unexplained jealousy on her part. There is no bad will on her part, she genuinely wants you to be happy, but hearing about you being physical with someone else might send her reeling.

        • Melissa said

          Haha funny you say this because in talking about my love life i always get the response “i just want you to be happy, its your life” i do love our friendship and I’m not ready to leave it. I just wish she would open her eyes! I think being that she is a cancer and her gf a bull the likelihood of calling it quits is zero to none despite what if she feels something for me or not….thank you 🙂

          • Anonymous said

            What u both r saying, I csn definately relate. Im a libra and I had a friendship with a cancer, that kinda turned into a fling, then something way deeper! At the time I was engaged to someone else. We started to hang out everyday, and I had gotten so attached to her that I started to neglect my fiance., which really didnt effect me much becuz I was trying to find an excuse to get out of it anyways. Eventually I left my fiance for her. She had gotten really sick one day and I offered to take care of her. I had gotten even more attached, and started falling for her. I stayed with her for a couple days while she got better, we slept together, anf when we cuddled it felt likr we wrre one, every part of our bodies touched, we slept with our lips touching, breathing air into eachother while we sleep. I had never felt so safe and loved, and wanted, she was everything I wanted and needed. We hybernated for days, with no sense of time. She looked ovr at me, gazed into my eyes and told me she loved me and held me so tightly, like it was the last time we would see eachother. We were inseperable, and everything was perfect! Until the jealousy started, then the manipulation, her making me feel guilty. I had become completely selfless, and forgotten about about my needs, trying to focus on hers, and I loved her so much all I wanted to do was make her happy even if that meant neglecting myself. She had had met this guy, went out on dates and started to really like him, I just dealt with it, until one day while were sleeping, she was talking to him on the phone and I headd her say I lovd u too! That was the most devastating nite of my life, she turned and held me and told me that she would always love me and I would be the perfect soulmate if I was a guy. I accepted the breakup and we remained friends. I tried to meet new ppl, but she would always tell me that they werent right for me. It seemed like she just wanted me to herself. It was ok for her to hv her relationship, but she wasnt goin to share me with anyone. I still cant seem to get ovr this girl, I feel like I will love her forever, and it really puts a strain on me trying to find someone else, cuz I feel like im still chasing that feeling I had with her. Its so damn complicating, my life right now. I wish I could meet someone that I could fall deep for like that again and falls for me the same. I kno this is long winded, but I never talked to anyone about this and it felt good to vent about it finally….huh…. smh!

            • Thank you for sharing your story! Cancers are quite magnetic like that.

            • Anonymous said

              Aweeee I feel ur pain.

            • Anonymous said

              Similar situation here. Im a libra, and me and a cancer fell for eachother 2 years ago, she has a boyfriend (same guy then and now), he’s toxic, neglects her, cheats on her, but she enjoys the friendship aspect with him, and cancers have a hard time leaving shitty relationships. Everything she complained about two years ago is the same stuff she complains about now. Ive learned she chooses to stay in the misery. We slept together two years ago, the sex trascended the physical, it was almost some kind of spiritual thing, she hasnt forgotten a detail of that night, or any interaction since then (i work in the same building as her on weekends). Her boyfriend is a Sagg and he’s always looking at other options. At the end of the day you have to remember that regardless of signs, people accept the love they think they deserve, and you have to realize you can’t change people that are content in their unhappiness, even cancers, they need routine, stabilitt, and comfort zones, even if those are centered around people they arent in love with. Its tough to move on from, but necessary.

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  7. Anonymous said

    If its proper of me to say.. not all Sag’s are the crazy girlfriends.. some us can be sweet and supportive and in need to protect and deeply love cancer woman..Likewise.. with some of us Sag’s too..Thats personally how I am anyway… I really don’t mind the mood swings, the tears, clingyness or possesiveness.. I understand that they just want someone to be there for them and hug and hold them while they go through what they go through..but most of all… they wish to be loved and accepted…


  8. Moon said

    I’m a cancer lesbian and interested in a libra lez and so does she. At least, i thought so. Now, she’s driving me crazy with her disappearing acts, hot then cold behavior. I love you but I’m not there for you. Her actions don’t match her words. I had finally to ask “Do you love me or not?” Face to the evidence, I had to up and leave… I want some peace of mind now lol

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