Retail Therapy

June 1, 2014

Best therapy for a broken heart = spending time with my family.
Second best therapy = buying dinnerware for my new home!

So far the price of my broken heart includes:

  • Czech fine china dinner set for 6
  • Belarussian crystal shot glasses
  • Slovakian champagne flutes
  • Russian bone porcelain coffee cups for 2

A lot of pretty kitchen things for someone who has so many issues with commitment 🙂

Pretty Porcelain

Pretty Porcelain



4 Responses to “Retail Therapy”

  1. Anonymous said

    I love the prima ballerina, the best therapy 😉

  2. Lucy said

    how’s Christmas?

  3. Unknown said

    Your blog felt to me like book The Night in Lisbon with How I met your mother serial.I never seen such a great blog :). Hope you were also in Slovakia also.

  4. M-A said

    Is the Gemini who wrote all these still around please? Leo in need of chat “calling”. Thank You kindly.

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