Retail Therapy

June 1, 2014

Best therapy for a broken heart = spending time with my family.
Second best therapy = buying dinnerware for my new home!

So far the price of my broken heart includes:

  • Czech fine china dinner set for 6
  • Belarussian crystal shot glasses
  • Slovakian champagne flutes
  • Russian bone porcelain coffee cups for 2

A lot of pretty kitchen things for someone who has so many issues with commitment 🙂

Pretty Porcelain

Pretty Porcelain



5 Responses to “Retail Therapy”

  1. Anonymous said

    I love the prima ballerina, the best therapy 😉

  2. Lucy said

    how’s Christmas?

  3. Unknown said

    Your blog felt to me like book The Night in Lisbon with How I met your mother serial.I never seen such a great blog :). Hope you were also in Slovakia also.

  4. M-A said

    Is the Gemini who wrote all these still around please? Leo in need of chat “calling”. Thank You kindly.

  5. Bianca said

    Do the descriptions on lesbians zodiac signs apply to the rising sign as well? For example: I’m a Libra female with a Sagittarius rising, would the Sagittarius description also apply to me? I read on other sites that it does but was curious about what you thought.

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