Most-Est Kisses

February 14, 2013

Firstest: French party, in bed with two girls and two more boys. One of the girls kissed me, then the other. Then they kissed each other. I was the most confused 17-year-old.

Longest: Tiny Danish gay bar, pink shots, long pretty hair, leather jackets (hers and mine). Several hours non-stop.

Most anticipated: Cold winter of American North, her couch. I kissed her eyes, she bit my neck. We closed the blinds.

Most redeeming: Don’t remember: why I was pissed off. Remember: who slammed whom against which wall when, Spanish DJ playing Mr. Saxobeat, making out/smoking in the windowsill.


That windowsill, oversaturated.

Most dramatic: Warm fall of American South, gay men’s bar, yelling and crying, holding hands in the morning. Beautiful/agonizing.

Most comforting: Married, friend of a friend. “Never have I ever kissed [you]”. She tucked me into bed and stroked my hair and told me everything would be okay.



November 16, 2010

I wrote to my Euro girls last night. One of them is the girl from the city I’m going to. CityGirl is genuinely nice and thoughtful. Besides offering her help at finding a place to stay in and showing me around, she also wrote, “I’ll introduce you to my les-friends and they can help you too”. I hate using words like “sweet” and “nice” because they tend to be generic, but they really do apply in this case.

Then I have a DanishGirl who is a year younger, and she sounds excited at the prospect of me being in Europe soon. I am, too! And she ends her message with the words, “Are you happy? Is life treating you well?”

Really, it is right now. I am moving to where I’ve always wanted to live, and I get to see my friends in the process. Amazing.