Today, let’s talk about Lesbian Leos.

How to Keep or Repel a Leo Girlfriend.

The Leo lesbian was made to be the center of attention. She’s confident, passionate, and sexual. No one gives a better gift than a Leo. No one throws a better party. She needs a stage to shine and an audience to perform. And you will be that audience.

Jill Bennett with the perfect Leo smirk

To seduce a Leo lesbian, you must be a star. A Leo doesn’t deal with losers. And you better not be a geek or a nerd! However, every once in a while, a Leo might take on a pet project. For example, if she believes you are a misunderstood genius or a damsel in distress. A Leo excels at rescuing and fixing.

Be witty, smart, and a little pretentious; tell her you don’t care about worldly goods; and yet give her the impression that she is part of an extremely select group. In sex, turn up the volume and let her know how you really feel! But, it’s vital that you behave as though you could care less about having a relationship. You can never pressure a Leo lesbian into getting serious if she does not want to.

Leo is the one sign of the Zodiac that doesn’t tolerate dishonesty. As long as you really believe in everything mentioned above (or just lie really well), you will be happy together. But, if you she finds out you’ve been concealing something or outright making shit up, you will convert into her ex overnight.

Exes don’t really matter to a Leo. Yes, she is aware that they exist, but unlike Cancer, she harbors no emotional attachment to them.

If you are fed up with a Leo and decide to break up with her, it’s not as easy as you may think. It’s pretty hard for any Leo to believe that she is no longer the center of your universe. However, if you manage to embarrass her in front of her friends by acting indifferent or cheap, that will be the end of your relationship. Here are the stages that she will go through before leaving her partner:

Stage one. The Leo lesbian doesn’t notice that anything is wrong. She is perfect. Her partner is perfect. Those weird things people keep pointing out? Accidents. Coincidences.

Stage two. Those accidents start to not really seem like accidents anymore. Those coincidences, not so much coincidences. Leo’s smart. She will put two and two together. But Leo couldn’t have picked a bad partner. So, there’s something wrong with her girlfriend, and if anyone can fix it, it’s Leo.

Stage three. Leo lesbian tries to pay more attention to her partner. But for some reason her partner doesn’t seem to appreciate the royal gesture. Weird. In addition, the partner still keeps having “accidents”.

Stage four. The Leo lesbian realizes that she can no longer live with the accidents. There are others, more worthy of Leo’s attention. The Leo is looking for a new queen.

Will want as her queen: Libra and Aries.

Will not accept as her servant: Pisces and Cancer.