Back to your regularly scheduled astrology series. I know you’ve all been just dying to find out how to get rid of your Virgo lesbian girlfriends, and I’m happy to give you advice!

How to Keep or Repel a Virgo Girlfriend.

You all know it when you meet a Virgo. She is feminine, but not giggly. Friendly, but never overshares. Sharp, but keeps her opinions to herself.

For those who believe that love partners should be teammates in all areas of life, Virgo is going to be both your best friend and a very committed girlfriend. She gives logical, well-thought-out advice. If you follow it step-by-step, you’ll be able to get out of whatever crap you got yourself into.

To seduce a Virgo, obtain silver cutlery and embroidered tablecloths. The embroidery should be silver as well, gold is too tacky. Your floors need to be spotless, clothes ironed, hair in a perfect ‘do. However, when asked, insist that it’s not a big deal and it just comes to you naturally. Virgos, who thrive for excellence in all areas, will be mesmerized by the idea of effortless perfection.

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Praise a Virgo sparingly, and she will value it as gold. “You can do better” should be your refrain. This will convince her that you have an even stricter values scale than she does and she will push herself to the limit. Of course, you should push yourself as well, and it’s even better if you are working in the same industry or studying similar subjects. Subconsciously, Virgos love a little competition, and on a conscious level they will appreciate being able to relate to your struggles.

And finally, you need to have a little weakness. Something silly – like not being able to translate Celsius into Fahrenheit, for example. She will fix your lack of know-how with the most tenderness she’s capable of. Let her criticize you and accept her feedback as constructive. A Virgo will happily help you clean up your act as long as you’re genuinely excited by the clean-up process.

Your Virgo girlfriend is the quintessential virgin in the streets, whore in the sheets. And she knows it, too. The Virgo girl is unapologetic for what she likes. She oozes confident, strong, somewhat sexual feminine energy even when her hair is tied back and she’s in scrubs getting ready for surgery. A Virgo’s naughty sense of humor is rarely what you’d expect from such a proper, prim girl.

Virgo is a champion performer in bed. Unlike the emotional Libra or fiery Sagittarius, though, Virgo is highly logical and results-oriented. Almost nothing is “I want”, but rather “We can do this” and “I can do this better!”

But make sure not to tell anyone. Privacy is Virgo’s number one concern, and breaking it will lead you to the first stage of a potential break-up.

To dump your Virgo girlfriend, dial up on the drama. Tell everyone the sordid details of your private lives, put your sex tape on youtube, share what she thinks about her co-workers on Facebook. Smoke, drink, and leave stains on her carpet. Flirt with others. Propose an orgy. Here’s what’s going to happen.

Stage 1. Virgo is embarrassed on your behalf. She supports you out in public, telling your co-workers how amazing you are and exchanging pie recipes with your mother. She tells herself you are just stressed out at work and that you would never stoop so low as to leave dirty dishes in the sink at night.

Stage 2. Virgo starts to feel annoyed at the comments or stares from strangers in regard to your behavior. Back at home, she asks you to be a little less friendly with your hot young students when you are out in public with her. She’s still hoping you will turn around, but she starts to resent being judged by others for staying with you.

Stage 3. This is private scandal time. In some ways, this is much better than stage 2 as after yelling and breaking plates, Virgo might start feeling that you are even and she’s ready to forgive you. As long as you never ever ever do this again and start getting her hints not to leave your dirty socks on the kitchen floor.

Stage 4. All your ideas and words will be met with an icy chill. Virgo has made up her mind, and she is working toward a close. She is over you and your socks, baby. Virgo is one of those signs of the Zodiac that always has an ex-girlfriend or an interested classmate just waiting for the Virgo to become single again. While coupled, no Virgo would think of cheating. But now that she’s free, the other girl will be happy to console her with some tea and cookies. Virgo’s exit is always well-planned and seems to everyone around her to be extremely calm. It’s because they’ve missed the resentment built up in the Virgo on Stage 2 and because she has well concealed her little outbursts at stage 3.

If Virgo keeps you in her life, she will be that one ex-girlfriend that you can stay civil with without extra positive or negative feelings. So if you really feel like you need to fall for a co-worker ASAP, Virgo is the best choice. You might not end up sexing it up at the office, but her logical nature will prevent from any drama should things go South. Plus, you will get the satisfaction of getting to know one of the most mysterious women you may ever come across.

Will lose her virginity to: Aries and Capricorn.

Would not touch if she were the last woman on earth: Leo and Pisces.